Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jewel-Osco Doubles

Did you get the Jewel-Osco sales paper in your Sunday newspaper? If you did you know we got a “Get Twice The Value” coupon. This is a very rare event here I the Chicago land area not may stores double or triple so you might want to take advantage of this while you can.

Rules & Restrictions
·         A coupon $1 and under will be doubled
Example: $0.25 is now $0.50, $0.50 is now $1, $0.55 is now $1.10, $0.75 is now $1.50, and $1 is now $2
·         $1.01 and higher will not be doubled
·         Store, competitor, alcohol, tobacco, or free coupon do not apply
·         Total for the coupon (after double) must not exceed the total for the product (so no getting overage)
·         No cash will be refund
·         One store “Get Twice The Value” coupon and one manufacture coupon per product
·         Limit 5 “Get Twice The Value” coupons per person per day
·         Date: 1/29/12 through 2/1/12

Any other questions or comments please feel free to post in the comment section

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  1. so what are some of the deals you have gotten with the Get twice the value coupons?

    1. Would you believe me if I told you I haven’t gone yet? Lol I’m going to go maybe tomorrow and possible pick up the suave or look into a few other things :)

    2. yea sauve deo will be free and the shampoo will be also might wanna check out sktimate/edge and the bic razors are buy 2 get one free and we have buy 1 get one free coupons!so basicly buy 2 get 4 free..also the Brisk jugs will be 1.50 if you buy 10 and use 5 1.00/2 MQs and they double